Epson EcoTank ET-2711 Review

As a final consumer you will surely have many doubts when choosing a printer for your home. The options available in the market are many and sometimes it seems that the price is the only decisive parameter. However, there are many more issues to consider when choosing the right printing equipment. We give you some ideas while we analyze the multi-functional  Epson EcoTank ET-2711 .
The first thing we face before a printer is its size. Having a large team occupying space in the computer room or the living room is what we least like. That is why we liked the compact size (375 x 347 x 179 mm) and light weight (3.9 kg) of the Epson EcoTank ET-2711. A perfect format to incorporate it on the desktop so you can print, scan and copy from the same computer.
Maybe we miss a small screen that supports the use of the equipment, especially in the case of unknown errors. A set of buttons and indicators at the top try to make up for that absence that does not matter much if we use the printer with a PC or a mobile phone but it limits a bit in other scenarios.
Another aspect to review in a printing equipment is its use falicidad. In this sense, all manufacturers have evolved a lot towards simple printing and from anywhere. In the case of this multifunctional has several options that make life easier for users: USB, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct . We can also highlight the Epson iPrint application , which after several simple steps of configuration, allows us to print from the cloud, smartphone or tablet, scan or capture images and then manage them.
The speed of printing, although in consumer environments are not as vital, is also a plus. According to ISO / IEC 24734 certification, this machine prints at 10 pages per minute in monochrome and 5 pages per minute in color. Some speeds that once launched can be reduced slightly depending on the file but that perfectly meet the average.

Consumables, the expense that can be converted into savings

And there comes the theme of star conversation around printers: consumables . Ink or toner cartridges are the eternal dilemma of many consumers who see as known as "the blood of unicorn" takes much of the budget of the printing team.
To prevent this point from being a problem, Epson has created the  EcoTank . Presented in four boats (Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow), these bottles replace the traditional cartridges helping in saving. The pack included in the equipment allows printing up to 4,500 pages in black and 7,500 in color which is equivalent to 88 cartridges of conventional ink.
In addition to the long autonomy without recharging, the prices of each boat are in the market average. 10 euros for each color that make a total of 40 euros that we will only have to invest every thousands of impressions. This can be up to 90% savings.
But what happens if we do not print in a long time? No problem because the technology of these consumables allows the ink to remain intact even if we do not use the device for months. A great news to know that you will always be ready when you need it.
To recharge the ink of the equipment it is enough to extract the area where the deposits are located, lift the covers, introduce each one of the cans in its corresponding hole and wait for it to be refilled without pressing. The process is done in just a few minutes without much difficulty or staining of any kind.
Above, open tab for loading. Down, an EcoTank in full load.
Although we have not tested it for the problem that we could create, from Epson they assure that the bottles are designed so that they only allow the insertion of the correct colors. A question to be grateful because, although it is specified with some front stickers, it is easy to make mistakes if you are a little absent-minded. In fact, it would be interesting if the lids that close the tanks had the color of each tank. Thus the possibilities of trying to put ink in the wrong deposit are reduced even more.

The environment counts

And is that not only we must look at the savings, utility or ease of use in a printer but also the contribution we can make for our Planet is a little less polluted. In this sense, Epson advocates responsible use of the technology that is also implemented in this team.
Its consumption rates are respectful with the environment and, in passing, with the electricity bill of our home. In fact, the multi functional has a saving mode that allows us to use its functions with low consumption (0.7 watts).
In addition, EcoTank cans are 100% recyclable, which promotes the recycling of materials and responsible consumption. Also the products used in the manufacture of the equipment are respectful with the environment as part of its Vision 2050 commitment .


While it is true that the initial price of the Epson EcoTank ET-2711 (about 278 euros) is higher than other consumer models from other manufacturers, the investment in the medium-long term is more economical and sustainable.
We have completely convinced your proposal of bottles as consumables not only for its long autonomy but also because it is one more way to save by making responsible use of technology.
In short, this equipment can be a perfect alternative if you are looking for a compact multi-functional, which helps save and adapted to different ways of printing. All in one with a 3-year warranty guaranteed by Epson.


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