8 mistakes mostly new Blogger do in their Wesbite SEO ranking

first of all Do you know what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is call as SEO, but how much everyone knows about SEO? Almost 5-10 person from hundred. If you are new blogger and you think that Search engine optimization is just putting keywords into your website post is SEO than you are wrong.

Search engine optimization means to optimize your blog or a website or a webpage into search engines for a specific keyword that you target.

Most of new bloggers do not know about SEO and they start their own blog with adding some keywords into their blog and hoping that they will rank higher in SERP but because of lack of knowledge of SEO most of new bloggers do huge mistakes with by ignoring an important part of SEO ranking for their website.

This is the main reason of new bloggers when they are not getting traffic and after disappointment they quit blogging. Today I here you find 8 common mistakes in SEO that most of new bloggers make in their blogs.


8 mistakes mostly new Blogger do in SEO:

If you follow these tips I assure you that you can rank your blog better in Search engine and your ranking will also improve but only if you avoid these 8 mistakes in your blog.

1: Avoid Long Titles:

First mistake I notice in most of new blogger’s blogs, mostly bloggers writes long titles for their post which is obviously difficult to read. If anyone using long titles in his post google will not prefer these articles in to top of the ranking.

Google & all search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo prefer that website with titles are concise and easy to read. The recommended title size of a blog post is within the 70 characters.

how much title size of your blog post for SEO
If your post title is more than 70 characters, it will show in google search only 70 characters and remaining title will be hidden by default. If your post title is more than 70 characters limit it means your site put a bad impact on search engines & your blog search engine optimization score will be lose in SERP.

2: Not doing proper Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the main part of SEO as we can say to find a specific keyword for your article is one of the best techniques for writing an amazing content.

No matter which topic you chose for your website no matter which niche you are working if you do not do proper keyword research first you cannot able to rank it. Because if you don’t know about your competitors and also you don’t know about how many bloggers are writing on this topic you will not compete them in SERP.

By doing a proper keyword research, you will find the actual keyword for your targeted niche which will help you in ranking because you will get the actual idea about your competition for this specific keyword. This is the biggest mistake for a new blogger which should be avoid try to find a specific keyword than start working on it.

3: Add Meta Description:

Meta description is such a important part of on-page search engine optimization. Goduogle and other search engine fetch results by title and Meta description, most of search queries is fetch by the Meta description tag. Meta description plays much important role in ranking of a website. Meta description indicates search engines here is the exact match of search queries that user is looking for.

Here is the example of Meta description below.

how meta description is important in SEO ranking

Most of new bloggers ignore Meta description and fill Meta description part with lots of different keywords which put bad effect on article ranking. If you want search engines will fetch your website you should add proper Meta descriptions into your articles and the size of your meta-description should be in correct length.

Google recommend the size of meta description should not be more than the 155 characters long but remember one thing your meta description contains your focus keyword along with target keyword. Do not add only keywords in meta description head, it is recommend by the google to add your keywords in proper sentence form to get higher ranking in search engine results.

4: Not focusing on Keyword Density:

Most of new bloggers have not any idea about keyword density, first you should know what is keyword density is? Keyword density means how many time you use of your target keyword in your blog post. 

What is Keyword Density definition?

“The number of times of use of a target keyword appears in your post divide by total number of words you use in post is known as keyword density”.

I have notice in some blogs that most of bloggers ignore the main part of On-Page SEO factor keyword density and add targeted keyword in their blog too many times.

Sometimes they put their target keyword too many times which turn to be a black hat SEO technique of keyword stuffing which google strongly hates.

You have to take keyword density sensitively in your blog. Make sure that the target keyword you use in your article will not be exceeding 2.5%. Google recommend the keyword density is 2.5% in one article.

5: Missing ALT tag:

Alt tag is most important part of optimization of any image in SEO. I checked most of websites haven’t added alt attribute which the biggest mistake as pont of SEO which is mostly 97% of new bloggers doing in SEO, if you are missing alt tag it means you are also ignoring half your organic traffic.

If you use image in your articles it means your article will be eye catching for readers. ALT tags will fetch your website in google images. Search engine’s bots crawl every blog post and check all of content. Unfortunately google bot’s cannot scan images. Here Alt tags do his job and tell google bots to crawl what this image is about?

So, if you want 50% of organic traffic from Google Image, you need to add Alt tags in the images of your posts. You can describe what the title of image is in alt tag, so google bot will crawl easily and you will get more traffic from Google image.

here is the guide how to add ALT tag in image:

how to add alt tag in wordpress site for SEO ranking

6: Use Anchor Texts:

Anchor texts are much important for as point of SEO and also most of backlinks is coming from the anchor text. Mostly new bloggers did not add anchor text in their blog which means they are losing reader’s intentions as well as losing ranking in search engines.

Most of bloggers use anchor texts like “read more” “click link” “read article” “click here” etc. Google and other search engines don’t prefer this type of anchor text which refers to next page.

It is recommended by most of experts your anchor text must be on keyword enrich. I am not referring you to create anchor texts with different keywords I am saying just make them relevant to topic which it was pointing in this image. This type of anchor text helps search engines to crawl your content better in SERP finally.

how to add anchor text into your website for batter SEO ranking


7: Avoid Long URL size:

Another mistake I notice in most of new blogger’s mostly bloggers writes long titles and url for their post which is obviously difficult to crawl by google bot. If anyone using long titles and URL in his post google will not prefer these articles in to top of the ranking.

Google & all search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo prefer that website with titles and url are concise and easy to read. The recommended title size of a blog post is within the 70 characters so add only recommend size url.

8: Too many H1 tags:

I noticed most of new bloggers add too many heading tags (H1 tag) into their blog posts. Google will not recommend to add H1 tag too many times. H1 tag is use for meta description and one page have not contains too many meta descriptions if user add H1 tag too many times it will confuse google crawler which keyword is target and which will not and due to this website ranking drop.


I have notic many of new bloggers start working on technology niche’s and start writing on technology news or mobile niche’s or android or IOS niche’s but if you want to work online on Google Adsense you need to do proper research about niche and then start writing on it because adsense only will approve a searchable content like how to work online, how to learn seo, how to lose weight, how to download apk games etc. this type of websites will get finally approval by Adsense.

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