How to add Admin to Facebook Page

How to add Admin to Facebook Page: If you are looking for trick of how to add admin to facebook page here is the proper step by step guide, in this tutorial you will find how to add admin to facebook page.

It is recommended to have at-least one “admin” of every facebook page but as you know if you working on facebook online store how only one admin can manage all of your activities because 1 person can’t be online 24 hours to reply queries of their followers. If your page has one (1) page admin and just suppose his account is blocked by violation of facebook terms and conditions you will lose your facebook page.

To avoid this unfortunate problem with your facebook page, you need to need to make at least more than one page admins here is the guide how to add admin to facebook page.

Friends Today I am going to teach you how to add admin to facebook page in just few minutes by using a simple Facebook trick. According to my research, most of Facebook users very exited when someone like their profile pic or posts which they share with their followers for more likes and comments they create facebook pages and plane to work as a team for this they need to know how to add admin to facebook page lets start lecture.

How to add admin to facebook page Step1:

First of all you need to open your facebook account in which you have your facebook page which you need make add admin on your facebook page. Select your facebook page and open it.
You can only add admin to your facebook page which is in your facebook friends list if a person is not friends with you he will not be add in facebook page admin role.

How to add Admin to Facebook Page - Facebook Trick

Add admin to facebook page Step 2:

When your facebook fan page is load into your browser than click on setting button on right side of your facebook page, here you will find to option of add admin to facebook in page role section when you setting will open than find page role option as i show in this picture than click on page role button to manage your admins.How to add Admin to Facebook Page part 2 - Facebook Trick

Add new Facebook page admin Step 3:

When page role option will be open here you find in this section Enter name or email option to make a page admin of your facebook page.

How to add Admin to Facebook Page part 3 - Facebook Trick

Now you need to enter your friend name like I enter in image as under and select your friend than here you find editor button also click on editor button and than click on admin if you want to add admin to facebook page or you can make editor moderate or advertiser etc.

How to add Admin to Facebook Page part 4 - Facebook Trick

That’s it this is all click on admin and facebook ask you to enter your password for verification than your friend will be add to your facebook page as a facebook page admin and he will also receive notification in his profile and admin will show in under this area.

How to add Admin to Facebook Page part 5 - Facebook Trick

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