Add all Facebook friend in Facebook group with on click


Add all Facebook friends in Facebook group with on click here is the guide of How to add all Facebook friends in Facebook group at once.

How to add all Facebook friends Using Facebook we can’t add all Facebook friends in Facebook group. For this we use an application which have different features. Like post on all groups with one click, invite all friends with one click, send message, leaving page group and knowing all the Facebook friends number’s etc.

By using Facebook with one click we can save our time. If we accept friend request one by one or post in all groups one by one, still we can’t do it in whole day and in this case we think some way through which we can done in one click.

So friends today I will tell you about this, I will tell you two methods in this post through which you will use this trick easily.

How to add all friend request at once

For this you will have to follow some simple steps which are described below.

Step 1:

  1. Download Facebook toolkit in your browser, for downloading open chrome web store and type Facebook toolkit.
  2. Click on first result.

How to add all Facebook friend requests in one click add to chrome

Step 2:

  1. Simply click on ‘add to Chrome’ and your downloading will be started automatically.
  2. Now there is an extension button will available on your chrome browser or any different browser.

How to add all Facebook friend requests in one click add to chrome extension icon

You use Yendex browser if you want to do it in mobile phone. In Yendex browser after downloading Facebook toolkit, there is an option to enable pc site. When you enable it your Facebook will run as it run in computer.

Step 3:

  1. Click on available extension button.

It leads you to the new page which is the main page of Facebook toolkit which will show’s you like this.

How to add all Facebook friend requests in one click Facebook toolkit main page


Step 4:

  1. Click on ACCEPT OR REJECT ALL FRIEND REQUEST button as you shown on the above image.

It will open a new tap which is on your Facebook page with the window pop up on it.

How to add all Facebook friend requests in one click accept all or reject all popup


  1. Click on ACCEPT ALL to accept the friend requests.

It takes some minutes to complete this process and all your requests are clicked on confirm button, after completing the process you can see the result as well.


In this method we will tell you 1 more application through which you can add all the friend request at once. The name of the application is Puffin Browser.

Step 1:

  1. Search Puffin browser on play store, install it and run it as we do it with other’s application.

Step 2:

  1. In the Puffin browser settings there is an option of Add bookmark, Click on it.
  2. Place the bookmark name as “Accept all friend request” to accept all the friend requests.

Step 3:

  1. Open your Facebook id in puffin browser in which you want to accept all friend request.
  2. Open Friend request button from Facebook and enable desktop site in Puffin browser.
  3. Now open the bookmark which you desired.

Conclusion:- In this post you came to know that How to add/accept all Friend request at once. In this article we tried to deliver all the details with you in step by steps. If you still face any problem in How to add/accept all Friend request at once, you can comment below and we will assist you accordingly.

Surely, it’s a very useful information which many peoples are looking for so share this post with your friends and family and make their life easy with this.


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