How to Change WordPress themes

First of all I am sharing with you my experience about why we need to change wordpress theme? when I was learning blogging on blogger before 5 years; I was using the default themes which are simple and not user friendly.

But when I was started learning blogging deeply, I feel that my blog is look like a shit when even I did not like my own blog because of it was not an eye catching and user friendly themes. Then I start to edit my wordpress website with widget and make my website little batter than the old blogger blog for my readers.

Why i need to change wordpress theme?

Honestly speaking that wordpress theme was not a good & its theme is aslo not SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly, because of all themes were designed many years ago. As you all know search engines like Google & Bing update their algorithms after 2 3 months to provide batter search quires to their reader.

This is the main reason themes is very important for a new or old blogger who want to make career in blogging to make money online, for this purpose we need SEO friendly wordpress template for our fresh blog. We need to change our wordpress template with the SEO friendly wordpress themes.

That’s why I am sharing with you how to change the wordpress website template easily and where i can get free wordpress themes for your wordpress website.

Where you can get free WordPress themes free

WordPress is independently most preferable CMS platform on the web of internet now a days. With the popularity of web development and web designing, WordPress is the main choice of almost every developer. WordPress themes is powered by WordPress.

Most of users choose WordPress because it is easy to set up and wordpress is setup will be complete in within minutes. WordPress is best to create blogs, and personal websites, portfolio sites, and news website. However in now a days wordpress is use to make e-commerce websites for e-commerce stores and shops.

Finding quality WordPress templates is not easy, that’s why I am sharing with you some of the best website which is providing free wordpress themes. Here’s the list of the free WordPress website’s which are providing free wordpress websites which you can use for your next website project.

1: wordpress
2: colorlib
3: themeforest

These are the biggest 3 website’s who is providing free wordpress themes for your website.

How to change WordPress theme free

Step 1: Install WordPress theme:

first of all if you want to change your wordpress theme you need to install or download any wordpress theme which you want to use in your website, simply login to your wordpress dashboard and find Appearance than theme:

  • Go to Appearance >> Themes
  • Click at Add New button

how to add new wordpress theme

here you can find many free themes which is offer by you can search your desire theme in search bar and than next step it to install theme and than activate theme.

how to find wordpress theme for website

when you search your desire theme and now the next step is to install your theme into your wordpress and activate your theme. here you can see in image activate button click on activate and enjoy your new wordpress theme.

how to activate wordpress theme

When your wordpress theme will be change and than the next step is to customise your website open your website click on customize button which is showing top or the page and now you need to set your website menu and categories and links etc.

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