How to create post on blog in Blogger – Blogger tutorial part 3

Here is the step by step method of creating a post.

Hello and welcome to advance blogging course 2018 in my last tutorial I show you how to create a blog in blogger and earn money with blogger in 12 minutes now I am going to tell you how to create a blog post in blogger. To create post with simple trick guide.

This is the 2nd lecture of earn money with blogger in 12 minutes, first login to your blogger account using your gmail id and open your blog. You will find “Post” button to “create post” & you will find into your left side. When you click on post button you will find a posting option where you can put title and description and many things which is necessary to post. Click on post button. as show into the image below.

How to create a post on blog in Blogger - Blogger tutorial part 3

when you click the post button this type of page will be open for creating a post in blogger.

How to create a post on blog in Blogger - Blogger tutorial part 3..

You will find the same like as into image here is the Title where you can create a blog post title and description box where you can put your blog post detail into it. You will also find a Labels section which is use to create a categories in blogger. also some persons use it to make tags in blogger but let me clear on thing tags is not available into blogger.

When you create your post click on publish button and your post will be published and you will able to share your content with others. I will explain you how to create a post in blogger here is the example:

how to create post

after publishing your post how can you view your post look here.. Click on view button to view only post or click on view blog button to view your blog homepage.

how to view my blog post in google

Finally our blogger post will look like this, now you have to create at-least 7 post so we will change blog theme or template and i will show you how to change blogger theme and upload a new theme on blogger.

how to post on blogger create a post



I think now you can understand how to create a post in blogger and now you will create posting in your website using your blog article Now the next lecture is how to customize your blog or how to upload a theme in your blog & i will show you how to make your blog/website beautiful and SEO friendly to all user that will helps increase your ranking in Google and others Search Engines. So create your first post by following this method and i will met you in very next lesson.

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