How to Bold in Discord guide of How do I delete a server?

How to Bold in Discord:  If you are looking for tip how to bold in discord here is the proper guide available so you will find how to bold in discord. Now can can easily change text format in discord by using easy tricks just follow us.

Friends today i am going to teach you how to bold in discord by using a simple trick and make your content visible and eye catching. According to research, most of discord users are not aware of text formation of discord.

Here is the method of how to bold in discord you will here find video tutorial as well as text commond of how to do bold in discord app. Have you ever try to bold in a discord text channel? If not than try this code in your discord channel.
​it’s a bold command in the discord channel.

bold = **bold**​

so for example you write

hello how are you all?

How to Bold in Discord

its will appear same as its showing but if you want to bold it than you need to add two stars ** before the word and after the word or phrase. Now your  text will be appear as

**hello how are you all**

How to Bold in Discord

And click on send button so your format will be bold. Thanks Check more how to delete a discord server. If you want more tips tutorial like our facebook page freelancingskill.

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