How to submit your blogger blog to Google search engine

How to submit your blogger blog to Google search engine: Hi friends I am your friend Akbar Ali here & today I will teach you how to submit you blogger blog to Google search engine. So you are here because of you have developed a blogger blog and your also publish some interesting content on your blog in shape of articles and images and videos and now you want traffic for your blog.

As you may heard about without submitting your blog to Google, your chances will be 80% decrease of getting traffic from search quires so now I will tell you how google find your content and how t get traffic from google by submitting your website to google.

How Google Finds Your Content

According to research and google blog and news, google is using thousands of super computers to crawl all pages and websites on internet google crawl billions of pages daily and provide us batter and fresh content. Crawler of google, is called Googlebot, I am not now telling you about how googlebot will crawl your pages but simply I am just informing you about googlebot will fetch all data from sitemaps which all websites have created on their website and also in Webtoolmaster/Google Search Console.

Googlebot which is also known as “Google spider” is design for to find always a fresh content and replace old content with fresh content in google ranking. For example: if your website have a sitemap and new pages are showing in your sitemap page, Google will fetch all pages & crawl all the pages and your content will be start showing within google search quires but if you are not created sitemap for googlebot your content will not showing in google search.

Googlebot fetch data from your Meta title tags (H1), Meta description (H2), alt tags (images) and many others factors which you will learn further in blogger series. If you create your sitemap and submit to google you may never need to submit website or content to google again and again, googlebot will automatically fetch all data from your website.

For example if you want to check your blog is submit to Google or not? just type “” as its showing under image.

How to check website is indexing in the google or not


If nothing is showing into the Google search it means your site is not indexing into the google and it will show you that your search is did not match with any results.

If your website is not indexing into the google than you should submit website to google or most recommend method is to submit your website sitemap to google. Just sing-in to the google Search console and create a sitemap of your website and submit sitemap url to google search console. Lets have a look at how to submit a blogger blog to google search console or how to submit blogger’s blog sitemap to google search console.

How Do I Submit My Site to Google?

To submit your blogger blog to the Google, you need to create a sitemap of your website which you have to add to google search console, you can manually submit your website by google fetch as Google feature but I will not recommend you to do this.

Here is the method of how to submit blogger blog to google search engine:

first of all search google web tool master of google search console, and sign-in into google search console. first you need to verify your blog for only first time.

submit site to googleThere is 4 5 ways to verify your blogger blog ownership but the best way is to verify your blog from HTML tag by uploading into the <head> tag or your blogger blog homepage.verify website to google search consoleWhen you update your blog ownership in google search console than the next step is to create a sitemap of your blogger blog. Here is step by step guide.
Submit an Updated Sitemap…

When you verify your site by using HTML code than your ownership will be confirm and now the next step is to submit sitemap. Now copy the sitemap url of which you are create on your blogger blog and pastes it here and all pages will be fetch into here and you will clearly see your pages and categories which will be index shortly.

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