Learn Types of Keywords in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Learn Types of Keywords in SEO

As everyone knows keyword research is a main part of on-page seo technique. But you need to know about keywords type because keywords have three types in SEO. According to ahrefs keyword explorer I have found these 3 types of keywords.

Types of keywords is:

1: Single Keyword
2: Phrase Keywords
3: Long Tail Keywords

Single Keyword.

First type of keyword in SEO field is single keyword or generic keyword. Single keyword like we use as blogger, WordPress, SEO, Money etc these are knows as single keyword. If anyone write SEO in google a lot of different website will show in google top of the page because many websites are already rank on this single keyword.

No doubt single keyword have a lot of search volume but its also have too many competition as a result it is so difficult to rank a single keyword on google top of the page. However, if you rank your site on single keyword your website will receive decent traffic from search engine because of high search volume.

Customer’s conversions maybe become little low because most of people using single keyword with phrase keyword and long term keyword and because of you ranked single keyword on top of the page your site will receive all traffic including single keyword. As i am showing you example image on the single keyword “blogger” check how many visits these website is receiving on this single keyword.

type of keyword how to check how much traffic coming from a single keyword

Match Phrase Keywords:

The second keyword type in SEO is match phrase keyword. Match phrase keyword like we search SEO in google and google suggest you what is seo, seo techniques, seo benefits, seo service etc. these are the match phrase keyword related to your single keyword.

Yes these match phrase keywords have a decent search volume and less competition from single keyword and change of rank this keyword is more than a single keyword but its search volume is lower than a single keyword.
Here is the example of Phrase Match Keywords as you see i enter SEO in search bar in ahrefs keywords explorer and these are the match phrases are showing relevant to SEO keyword.

Match phrase keywords type of keywords in seo

Long Tail Keywords

The 3rd type of keywords are known as long tail keywords, long tail keywords are those keywords includes 3 to 4 keywords or with two phrases which is targeting to specific to the topic or product. Most of time you notice that most people are use long search phrase which is known as long tail keywords, which is tend to be looking for the exact match. These sentences have a decent search volume too but lower search volume and competition as compare to phrase match keywords.

so here is Example of long tail keywords is “what is seo”, “how to do seo of a website”, “buy seo service for your site”, these are the most of keywords which people are looking for in search. From the term of Adwords long tail keyword is the best keywords strategy to drive targeted traffic to your site because it will drive only relevant traffic for your site.
Long tail keywords example is here you can understand the long tail keywords why its important.

Keywords types long tail keywords and its examples

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