Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Review

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Review: Tablet and smart screen with Alexa: A moment, but is that a tablet is not already a smart screen? It might seem so, but there is a key difference, smart screens are fixed, while a tablet works and moves wherever you go. They are, for example, the Amazon Echo Show or the Google Home Hub . Lenovo has already shown its first version its Smart Display, but with the Smart Tab they go a step further.

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 is a 10-inch Android tablet with Android Oreo . It incorporates a  Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor and an IPS LCD FHD screen . But the most striking thing about this tablet is not its features, but the speaker that accompanies it.

As you know, for a virtual assistant to work, you need a speaker and a microphone. The more powerful the speaker and the microphone, the better we can hear and talk to the assistant from a greater distance.

The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 includes a smart dock on which we can place the tablet and to automatically become a smart screen. This smart dock consists of two full-range speakers with  three watts of power and three long-range microphones . The loudspeaker is heard and “hears” you quite well, in fact you can talk to him from another room and he will listen to you without problems.

It also includes buttons to control the volume, another Bluetooth connection and one to turn off the microphones. Finally it comes with a connection with Pogo pins for the tablet to load when it is over the dock. This dock should always be plugged into the power so it can work.

When we leave the tablet on the dock it automatically becomes a smart screen that works only with Alexa . That is, we can not make the Google assistant work with this speaker.

With screen everything is better

The advantage of a smart screen in front of a smart speaker is that on the screen we can see images collected by other smart devices such as surveillance cameras. It can also be placed in the kitchen and used as a radio controlled by voice, as long as the station we are interested in has skill in Amazon or is in TuneIn. Also, if we install a recipe skill Alexa will tell us step by step how to cook the recipe we want.

We can see clearly and easily the weather forecast on the screen, news summaries or the countdown. If we ask you to put a music list of Amazon Music you will show us the lyrics on the screen. We can also listen to music by linking our Spotify premium account. And, of course, Amazon Prime Video content. We can also see what our smart cameras that are connected to Alexa record on the screen.

With Alexa we can also start up routines, for example, that at a certain time we wake up with our favorite station or show us the weather forecast.

But even if it has Alexa, this tablet is not an Echo

A very interesting feature of the Echo with camera, the Show and the Spot, is the « Drop In «. This allows us to activate the camera of these Echo and see what is happening right now in the house, without the need to accept the call, and also allows to speak with whoever is ahead at that time.

But this tablet is not an Echo, when it connects to your Bluethoot, it becomes an Alexa device, but not an Echo, so we can not use this function.

And the tablet?

As a tablet it is not the best we can have but it is quite decisive. We must bear in mind that it is designed so that it is always on the loudspeaker and while it is there it is charged, so that its battery only lasts 8 hours of video . It’s not bad if we’re always going to have the speaker nearby.

It weighs 418 grams , something heavy for my taste if we want to take it from one place to another, the screen is 10.1 inches, with thick edges that make the tablet in total measure 168 mm x 242 mm x 8.1 mm. It has a front camera of 2MP and a rear 5MP, located in the horizontal part of the camera, keep in mind that it is not a device designed to take photos, but with these qualities it is acceptable to make videoconferences.

It is an Android tablet with the Oreo version, so yes, it has Google Asistant, but no, you can not use it when it is connected to the speaker because automatically.


The price of this tablet with the speaker included is 200 euros a price that is not bad considering that we got a 2 in 1 device, which works quite well in its two modes.

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