Review LG E9 OLED (OLED55E9, OLED65E9)

Our verdict

LG’s E9 OLED has incredible image quality, assisted by the new Gen 2 2 processor and OLED contrast with 4.2-channel speakers, bringing true depth to the built-in speakers. The lack of HDR10 + and connectivity Patched Bluetooth is a small matter compared to the right E9.


  • Incredible picture quality
  • Glass panel design
  • 4.2 speakers
  • Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos


  • No HDR10 +
  • Low brightness
  • Patchy Bluetooth for headphones

LG OLED55E9 agreement

The LG E9 OLED is a great line between excellence, midrange and amazing levels. LG Display is investing heavily in the production of OLED TVs and while the price has not been reduced to a level that can be purchased in a wide range – you can see Damaged in the price section below – the set showing the best image quality in the market

All this was true last year as well. Those who follow the best OLED and the latest will be looking for the LG TV range 2019, which E9 is one of the flagship models. Even if you buy LG OLEDs in 2018, you won’t look which way Technical improvements or design overhaul. Recommended videos for you …

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That is not talking down the E9. Check here: You will get an amazing picture and while it doesn’t boast the 8K resolution of LG Z9 OLED or LG’s thin wafer panel, the W8 signature set looks at. Modern and impressive performances Making it look too good to be regarded as OLED.

Price and release date of LG E9 OLED

The LG E9 OLED price starts at $ 3,299 / £ 2,799 (about AU $ 4,600) for the 55-inch model checked here, up to $ 4,299 / £ 3,499 (about AU $ 6,050). Services in the UK, John Lewis, Currys and elsewhere, while the US market will be planned in June.


The main difference of E9 from the rest of LG’s OLED range is its structure – it has a chic glass panel instead of traditional box style. The rest of the internal hardware and the lightweight stand, sitting behind the eyes, make you see the screen of the TV that is not destroyed – you won’t see the LG logo at the base of the screen and it’s the only symbol Plug the TV into a dim red light along the edge of the glass, which turns off when the display opens.

This set has a size of 1226 x 753 x 50 mm by itself, with the last number changed to 220 mm. If you combine the stand E9’s smart build impresses the floating screen without obligation: using the W9 wallpaper model effectively. But sitting on the counter (Or shelves according to the main picture above) instead of hanging on the wall

This “invisible, out of mind” design method includes ports and inputs. The back has two USB ports and one HDMI. Although you can remove the panel on one side of the TV to display two other USB ports and the other three HDMI ports, all are the latest HDMI 2.1 standard – no need for an overall 4K TV, but ideal For gamers who want to get 120fps from their 4K- ready games or those who want a high bandwidth port to the future ready for Content that needs more, respectively

It also has a CI slot, an Ethernet port, HDMI ARC (for audio transmission, TV SoundBars) and options for using wired or wireless headphones.  Be warned: We found that connecting Bluetooth 5.0 to E9 is a surprise, so we won’t recommend this set if you want to watch movies with your Bose QuietComfort 35s instead of the internal TV speakers.

You get the LG Magic Remote with the set and it’s a slim and ergonomic shape. It comes with a dedicated Netflix and Amazon Prime Video buttons, large buttons + and – for changing the volume and middle slider that you can use to scroll through and select menus – even if you can point and click and we find the Magic sensor Remote is valid throughout our testing.

TL; DR The beautiful glass panel design makes E9 visible to the eye even when outside. Just a shame about the patchy Bluetooth connection.

Smart TV (webOS with ThinQ AI)

The E9 OLED supports the latest webOS 4.5 Smart TV platform, which has an orderly software update last year and is in the all new LG OLED and NanoCell televisions.

WebOS uses a modern horizontal menu to display all your apps and services on the dashboard from YouTube and Rakuten TV to Netflix and Amazon Prime – but v4.5 also displays the secondary menu above when you hover over the app. Go to Netflix or Hulu. It will show the items you watch or might want to start making jump into the content you choose, which is a little faster.

In addition, there is a Home Dashboard for viewing all connected smart home devices in one place. LG E9 uses Google Assistant to control audio and works with Google Home devices, Apple HomePod and – New for this year – Amazon Alexa devices. We have received the E9 that is installed with our Amazon Echo Plus and soon we are happy to use Alexa to turn on and off the TV and change the volume.

Alexa is not included in the package. However, fortunately trying to use it to open a specific app or search for a name without having to plug in a Fire TV device.

HD / SDR performance

One of the problems with watching HD content on a 4K television is that you need to have the right image processing to enlarge the image without having to be too inventive. However, the E9’s OLED panel is completely at home with HD content, with precise pixel control to show only the desired level of detail.

Watching the opening episode of the Stranger Things (SDR) on OLED is revealed by the shadow painting of Hawkins Forest that has a temperament as well as bright red and yellow colors of backpacks and T-shirts for children The ability of each OLED panel to ‘close’ each pixel causes incredible deep black marks and shocking contrast levels. This is a television built for the atmosphere and even the normal SDR image. Enjoying adding color to the screen.

LG also has a feature called HDR Pro (shown as HDR Effect in your settings) which tries to improve the SDR image to use the wider color gamut of the panel. The effect is not very natural, especially when compared to other image settings. 

LG’s ThinQ AI will adjust the processing algorithm of the set depending on the type of content you watch – horror, sitcoms, broadcasts, news and similar things – and in general it is a great job. visit (For best results, check the image settings: Standard will work well. But you will need a cinema for the right movie nights or games for low input delays during game play)

For high-end television that is clearly designed for movie theater nights, you may be forgiven because you think it’s not as good as TV. Up in the control panel to create stunning images in 3D environments: Breath of the Wild loading on the Nintendo Switch is surprising. And the vibrations of the gray character models of the game

TL; DR. As always, LG’s OLED panel brings the feel of the cinema to a small screen with incredible black levels and vibrant colors.

4K / HDR performance

If you buy a 4K TV, you may be planning to watch 4K content – and we can guarantee that the E9 OLED will not disappoint here.

We slipped the disc for The Shape of Water of Guillermo Del Toro and while the 55-inch TV does not match the movie screen in one level. But the effect is not far away All frameless glass panels have open and spacious air while HDR (High dynamic range) gives beautiful emerald green light in this film. 

Especially in bright environments – say that the living room has enough light in the afternoon – more details that 4K can pay for can be difficult to choose. OLED panels have dim output compared to LEDs or QLEDs (only 700-900 nits) And most are at home in a dark room where they do not fight with other light sources 

Therefore, the Shape of Water black color can sometimes overwhelm the screen. But the richness of the palette seems to be worth it. Just turn off the lights and pull the blinds down to get the most experience.

There are many Ultra HD content options to increase in streaming services such as Netflix, including Blu-ray. Lots of 4K for you to enjoy that quality picture without the need for an internet connection. The LG E9 is packed in almost every premium video format you expect: Dolby Vision12 bit, HDR10, and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma ) All are here 

Unfortunately, HDR10 + 10 bit is not cut even though it is included in the high-end series from the likes of Samsung and Panasonic, but it is slightly lower compared to the spectacular images and the wide format support that E9 offers. give

TL; DR has nothing to match with the OLED for a variety of color palettes, although it does not have the brightness to truly illuminate the screen.

The sound

If the design of the E9 mirror has not won, you may wonder why you would not pay for the C9 OLED instead, which has the same features as the internal panel and processor. When talking about sound, E9 has an advantage.

The E9 OLED has all the 4.2-channel (60W) speakers that are available on the television, which provides amazing sound isolation for internal TV speakers. We watch Bong Joon-ho’s Okja on Netflix and hear the chaos of the busy isolation of Seoul from On one side of the scene to another, there is nothing magical – and we feel the obvious motivation to upgrade from the 2.2 channel C9 speakers)

The E9’s speakers are designed in front for maximum cushioning and support for Dolby Atmos surround sound formats.

Other panels to consider

The E9 is an excellent television, but LG’s other OLED has something slightly different. The OLED C9 is the next set in the range and starts at $ 2,499 / £ 2,499, slightly more affordable (about AU $ 3,500). B9 is cheaper even if you received the processor last year instead of the a9 Gen 2.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Samsung QLED TV range, which provides a brighter display than LG’s OLED, although they lag behind the color contrast and black levels. You can read our full OLED vs QLED guide to learn about the differences. But the most important thing to know is Samsung TV is generally cheaper.

Final verdict

LG E9 OLED offers spectacular images with sharp detail and true movie images. LG’s organic LED display lacks the brightness of its competitors. But the latter version of the appropriate night movie will not be disappointed.

The E9 is different from other LG OLEDs in its shape and size – both the W9, the more premium, and the cheaper C9 has a bigger 77-inch model – but we will be surprised if E9 designs all the mirrors for you. With a unique look and multi-channel sound to elevate the level of other OLEDs in the E9, it is an excellent addition to the living room.

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