Samsung Galaxy Buds 2019 Review

Wireless headphones have become very fashionable after the release of AirPods. The Samsung Galaxy Buds (2019) are the proposal of the South Korean company, which offers an alternative headphones with case charging for a price set at 149 euros. We have tested them.

Since Apple launched the AirPods back in 2016  – and we are already on AirPods 2 -, rare is the day when in a big city you do not cross the street with someone who wears them. AirPods wireless headphones are very fashionable , and right now there are so many alternatives for this type of Android headset that you probably do not even know where to start looking. We, the ones we just tested are the Samsung Galaxy Buds (2019) .

The Galaxy Buds are , as you can see, the wireless headphones with Samsung case : they are on sale for a price of around 149 euros , and it is an alternative both for Samsung Galaxy users and for those who have a Android mobile phone of any other brand – although, of course, the best experience of these headphones (or, at least, the most complete) is achieved with a Galaxy-.

We have tested them, and in this analysis with opinions we will tell you the best and worst of its operation. We will talk about its sound quality, the comfort of use, the connectivity with the phone and, of course, how long your battery lasts. But before, it is interesting that you know their characteristics a little better.

Galaxy Buds (2019)
Box dimensions)26.5 x 70 x 38.8 mm
Dimensions (of each headset)19.2 x 17.5 x 22.5 mm
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
TechnologiesA2DP, AVRCP and HFP
Battery (from the box)252 mAh
Battery (of the headphones)58 mAh

Up to six hours of use

Up to five hours of conversation

Up to 20 hours at rest

CompatibilityAny mobile with Android 5.0 or higher and at least 1.5 GB of RAM
Price149 euros

It is clear that right now there are alternatives to AirPods to bore : there are more sports (for example, the Bose SoundSport Free , for about 150 euros ); there are those who opt for high-end features such as noise cancellation, see the Sony WF1000X (around 200 euros ); and there are those who seek the best quality / price ratio, such as the Mi True Wireless , which you can find  for only 70 euros . Of course, a variety of options you can not complain.

Box Includes: 

Box of the Buds 2019
  • x2 Buds
  • Charging case
  • USB Type-C cable
  • x2 silicone spare parts + x2 parts of another size
  • Manual

Let’s start with what perhaps more doubts generate before a user who has never used one of these headphones: how do they connect to the mobile? Is it the same as in any other Bluetooth headset model on the market? More or less, yes. It’s easy enough to pair them, whether you have a Samsung Galaxy or not . Of course, it’s much easier than with Xiaomi’s headphones , for example.

If you have a Galaxy phone , the linking process is very iPhone-like : you open the headset case, take it out, wait a few seconds and, if you have active Bluetooth on the phone, it will automatically skip a notification so you can connect to them.

Linking process of the Galaxy Buds

If you do not have a Galaxy , then you download the Galaxy Wearable application  on your phone, take the headphones out of the box, open the Samsung app and follow the instructions shown on the screen. Remember, yes, you must have a mobile with Android 5.0 or higher, as well as 1.5 (or more) GB of RAM.

User experience of Samsung Galaxy Buds: 

The headphones turn on and connect to the phone automatically right out of the case , so every time you want to use them all you have to do is take them out and put them in your ears. While they are stored in the case, they will be charging with the 252 mAh battery that integrates its box (a case that can be charged by wireless charging , a very remarkable detail). The headphones, on the other hand, have a battery of 58 mAh.

The Galaxy Buds present a somewhat futuristic design, but under that bright appearance that brings the outer casing hidden headphones very comfortable to wear. They weigh little, and fit very well inside the ear (in addition, they come with silicone clips of various sizes ). In fact, they fit so well that sometimes it’s hard to take them off when someone comes to talk to you while you’re wearing them.

The case is charged through a USB Type-C port, and in the case of the headphones comes only the charging cable, but not the adapter to plug it into the wall. The headphones are automatically loaded into the case every time you put them in thanks to its magnet system.

Audio quality

Signed by the AKG seal , the Galaxy Buds are headphones that offer good sound quality . To appreciate the bass is necessary that you have them well inserted inside the ear, and if you have them connected to the phone thanks to the Samsung Wearable application you can adjust the treble / bass level to your taste to the music you are listening to.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Wireless Headphones (2019)

In my opinion, the maximum volume remains somewhat low . Of course, it is not close to the volume that is achieved by connecting a cable headset to the mobile, and although in a quiet environment it is more than enough, when traveling for example in public transport you may end up missing being able to increase the volume a little more.

In the Samsung Wearable application , which allows you to control the headphones from the mobile, we have a wide range of functionalities: we can adjust the equalizer , configure notifications , assign functions to the touch panel of the headphones, activate or deactivate the ambient sound and , last but not least, look for the headphones emitting a sound (a beep that goes up in tone).

Samsung Wearable Application

It is a very complete app , and helps to complete the experience offered by the headphones beyond its sound quality. In PC it is not officially available, although you can always dare to try to emulate it through some external tool . We have not tested it.

In any case, this app is a point in its favor with respect to other wireless headphones on the market that do not have their own application. Regarding the connection, in our case we have not suffered a single interruption during the reproduction of music in the weeks that we have been using them.

You do not even realize what autonomy is: 

Regarding the battery, the truth is that in the day to day or you realize how many hours of autonomy you get with a full charge: the most usual is that you wear the headphones for two or three hours in a row, and then when the goals to the case, will be charged in the time they are stored (as long as you have the case loaded, the battery charge, by the way, is made through a USB port of Type-C).

In our case we have not exhausted the battery of the headphones during any of our sessions of use, since we kept them in the case after a few hours of use. In any case, we give an example: we started listening to music with 100% battery in the two headphones, and after about two hours, the battery had dropped to 70/65%.

But what about the control of the headphones? The Galaxy Buds work with the following gestures :

  • Press the touch panel once to play or pause track .
  • Press the touch panel twice to play next track or answer / end call .
  • Press three times to play previous track .
  • Press and hold to reject a call or perform a free choice function .

By the way, the Buds also receive updates , and during this analysis we got a new version that brought improvements in the quality of the music, a solution to an ambient sound error and a redesign of the battery level screen. These updates are installed from the Galaxy Wearable application.

Conclusions: a good alternative to AirPods if you are from Android

Box of the Buds (2019)

The premise from which we started is universal: if you have an Android phone, yes or yes you should look for an alternative to AirPods other than Apple headphones. The Samsung Galaxy Buds (2019) are a very good alternative, and meet what you would expect from a headset in this price range: good sound quality, ease of use and good autonomy .

If the Samsung Buds are expensive or not, that depends on each budget: they cost 149 euros , and because of their technology they are not comparable to any conventional model of headphones . It does not make sense to say that for this price you can buy more complete headphones like the Sony WH-CH700NB for the simple reason that they are not aimed at the same audience. Whoever looks for Buds, wants very portable headphones that can be put on and off without having to carry a suitcase in the street.

That just to mention a few. Which is better? Decide by looking at its characteristics. We have already told you our opinion about the Galaxy Buds (2019); Now, it’s your turn to choose you.

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