Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is trying to push the Android tablet to the next level with 2-in-1 desktop software, and while it’s something we want to see from the iPad, even the concept doesn’t make it. The best tablet automatically It’s too expensive. The touch screen doesn’t respond in Dex mode and the app isn’t optimized too.


  • Dex interface for desktop PCs
  • Comes with S Pen stylus
  • 10.5-inch large screen


  • Dex detection, touch screen is off
  • Keyboard design is easy to use.
  • Expensive for what it delivers

The best deals on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is just a tablet that we want to be branded as a true 2-in-1, as it equally acts as a tablet and has mobility in a laptop like that. Fit in 2019, but while it’s here to compete with the best apple iPad with the ability to produce, it is not able to work successfully and has the same cost as the latest iPad Pro.

Samsung spends time with the i Pad Pro 10.5 (not a higher version than the new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9) with a similar 10.5-inch screen, S Pen stylus, 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM – all the launch price of $ 650 (£ 599) has a rare Galaxy Tab S4 offer that makes it a little more interesting. A video recommended for you …

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Bonus points: Samsung integrates the S Pen for better value than the Apple Pro-less iPad Pro (separate and expensive Apple Pencil) and allows the use of expandable microSD storage space until now.

The other selling point here is the built-in Dex software that mimics the desktop interface and is capable of the second screen.

You don’t need to use additional large hardware to switch to a mode like this laptop with a new scalable window, task bar and system tray.

Dex feels like a 2-in-1 progress needed for Android, but the 2-in-1 work progress is next to Windows laptops and Chromebooks.

This user interface is not easy to touch and there is no additional trackpad on the keyboard cover of the Tab S4, which we find the most problematic. You have to bring your own Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to work.

Good news. Specifications are minimal: in fact, it doesn’t matter whether the tablet will fall under paper with the early 2017 chipset that easily surpasses the speed of laptop chips that compete with Apple. We are more concerned with the fact that the price of the tablet increases to match the iPad Pro.

The truth is that our biggest problem with all tablets is related to unstable specifications and hardware performance. That is because they are limited by the app and the mobile device interface for the first time. Samsung Dex tried to follow the 2-in-1 contract with a real dock system so you can switch between apps Like on a laptop quickly

And the S4 tab offers many good ideas to move the tablet in the right direction to a more user-friendly interface. But that doesn’t make a good purchase next to Microsoft Surface Go or one of the best Chromebooks at a high price.

Price and availability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 in the United States, UK and Australia using Wi-Fi models from a variety of retail stores and LTE models sold from service providers and networks at slightly higher prices.

In the United States, you can purchase LTE versions from Verizon (before launching), Sprint and US Cellular (two later versions launched in late 2018).

The S4 tab with Wi-Fi connectivity costs $ 649.99 (£ 599, AU $ 959) via Amazon, Best Buy and Samsung Store. The LTE version is $ 729.99 (£ 649, AU $ 1,179).

If you hope to get less Galaxy Tab S4, you might be lucky because Amazon Prime Day 2019 is just around the corner and in the past we have seen Samsung tablets lower in price during sales.

Prime Day starts from 15-16 July this year, giving you two days of bargaining on potential technology.

Samsung Dex, Android and apps

Samsung’s best and worst feature is the built-in Dex mode, which changes the normal Android look into a desktop interface.

This means that the app will be left-aligned (like on a Windows PC). Clicking on the app will open a resizable window and have an app tray and system tray at the bottom to flip between open apps. And define all types of express settings

All of this should work well on a 10.5-inch screen, but resizing the app window doesn’t work every time, and we still have problems closing the app. Touch detection is slightly closed, which makes it as easy as pressing the X button in the upper right corner, which is a tedious task.

Almost no need to use the S Pen or Bluetooth mouse to use the Dex mode correctly, or the reason for learning a keyboard that is not easy to use to adjust the window size. But you will find that there are many apps shut down randomly, including Google Docs

Samsung’s core software works well. But popular apps (And as a standard) as with software from Google should work without interruption. Google Docs has 27 errors while we write this review in the S4 tab.

Hangouts Meet is the worst offender. We had a video conference where we were on the other side every time the S4 tab was in landscape mode and connected to the book cover keyboard. Rotating the tablet to adjust itself properly looks like the easiest solution. But it turns out that everyone is on the screen This is far from optimization software.

The Bluetooth mouse connection will help make things clear, but not suitable for travel or limited space. Interesting. The mouse works for both normal Android and Dex mode.

It’s just that we are fans of the concept of Dex mode and surf the web with Chrome settings in desktop mode for the first time. We do not feel as effective as it should be due to these design flaws.

S Pen and Book Keyboard Keyboard

The S4 tab in tablet mode is a great experience for a standalone Android tablet. It’s time to come up with an optional Samsung Book Keyboard Keyboard to make things look messy when the settings look promising.

It’s like a Transformer that turns from a robot’s style to a sporty car that looks neat.

The keyboard layout is cramped, there is no light and there are unnecessary buttons. Flanking the spacebar is a dedicated button for changing the language of the keyboard and another for running the on-screen keyboard.

The number of times we pressed the on-screen keyboard while typing the last sentence twice And there are many sentences here The key in many ways when you draft an in-depth examination

Book Keyboard Cover has a number of new keyboard layout learning for Android. Unlike Mac and different from Windows keyboard, it is a separate purchase as well. You are paying to get angry.

Applying your own Bluetooth keyboard to the Dex system will cause problems with the built-in software and while the mouse can help you avoid the problem of touch screen detection

Samsung combines the S Pen suitable for tablets. (Larger than the smartphone Note S Pen) and this one is more rounded and feels more natural than the Tab Pen S3 of last year

There is a small metal protruding in the middle of the stylus to prevent rolling out. There is also a leather case for Samsung pens and does not require any charging.

This difference is great with Apple Pencil, which does not require charging. There is no holster on the iPad keyboard and rotates every time we set it on the table.

The S Pen function is normal for Samsung tablets or Note phones. You can draw notes, screen shots, translate text and new this year. (On the tablet at least) is the ability to send live messages.

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