The Lenovo Z5 Smartphone Review

The lenovo z5 leaves a bittersweet taste after its official launch

Creating an exorbitant hype  can be a very bad idea if the product to present is not a true revolution. Exactly this is what has happened to Lenovo, that today and after months of micro-announcements, has presented the Lenovo Z5, a wonderful balloon that has deflated along the way and has arrived without fulfilling many of its promises despite being a great phone.

In recent years Lenovo has been forced to significantly reduce the production of their smartphones, staying with a very limited catalog. For a couple of months, the company began a dissemination campaign which was announced as the resurgence of the firm in the mobile sector. The basis of these ads were simple, Lenovo prepared a cutting edge phone capable of fighting with the great products of the market. So we have moved you with each new official announcement.

If we look at the news revealed by Lenovo itself, we were in front of a phone that could be placed around a 95% frontal / screen ratio , a wonderful metal body without frames , up to 4 exclusive technological patents and a storage of 4 Terabytes They are not rumors, they were announcements of the company. The bar was set so high that today what could be a beautiful medium range of very good price and balanced features has become a cluster of broken promises that leave us a bittersweet taste.


It is important to make clear that we do not want to detract from a new medium range that we thought was very interesting, but it would be unfair to forget all the announcements made by Lenovo in recent months, where a revolution was promised that has been far from being so. .

First of all starting from the front, the Lenovo Z5 arrives with a lower bezel in its frame and a notch in the upper area. This places the device with a front / screen ratio of around 90%. Certainly not bad, but the expected 95% never appeared and that has hurt. It may seem little, but the difference between 90 and 95 goes from being one more to being the best . The signature during the presentation emphasized some side frames somewhat smaller than those mounted on the iPhone X. The panel is a 6.2-inch LCD and FullHD + resolution with a notch on top of contained dimensions.

lenovo z5 frontal

In the technical section we have a medium range that we could place in line with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. The Lenovo Z5 mounts a Snapdragon 636 processor with 6 GB of RAM and 64GB and 128GB memories. A balanced performance that will surely give good results in the daily use of the device. During the presentation we asked ourselves where were the 4 storage teras that were announced, … and shortly after we discovered that far from the phone. It was an external hard drive that has been presented jointly to the device.

To close the technical section, the terminal arrives with dual 16 + 8 megapixel camera with AI, 3,300 mAh battery and Android 8.1 under ZUI 4.0 layer.

lenovo blue


After this cataract of mixed feelings, Lenovo has surprised us by putting a positive icing on this technological cake. The Lenovo Z5 will be launched with a price of € 182 to change, which places it in a direct struggle with the sector that is becoming increasingly competitive and interesting. We are sure that in spite of what happened, the new terminal, due to its particularly beautiful design and balanced components, will become a great option for many users who want an economical mid-range. In this same section we find rival models such as the Nokia X6 which has already announced its international sale  and which also have a lot to say.

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