How to use Airdrop mac to send files from iPhone to Mac

AirDrop mac is a great feature which allows Mac devices & IOS devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads etc to share data like photos, videos, locations websites, and many more within just few steps. AirDrop mac is design for easy to use & it program for user’s favorite Mac devices and iOS devices.

How to use AirDrop Mac iPhone iPad iPods full tutorial

If you want to send files using Airdrop mac, folders or anything with the AirDrop do the following steps:

  1. Select “Go” tap from the Finder menu
  2. Select AirDrop from the sidebar of any Finder window
  3. The AirDrop window’s displays the list of AirDrop user’s which are available your nearby
  4. Now select your desired item (file, folder pictures etc) and drop the items one after the other onto the receiver’s image you want to send in the appeared window.
  5. Click the Send button and your desire file is in process to go.

Moreover, you can use the Share feature as well

  1. Click Share if it is available in the app you are using
    1. Control-clicking an item in the Finder and then select Share from the menu “shortcut”
  2. The list of several sharing options will appear, from there you will select “AirDrop
  3. After selecting AirDrop, choose a recipient from the AirDrop list and click done button
  4. Suppose if the receiver is sign-in into the same account of iCloud, then the item (file, folder and pictures etc) your sending files is start receiving and stored automatically.
  5. In case, if the receiver is not sign-in  into the same iCloud account, the recipient will be ask to accept the item before it can be save to their device.

In a Mac device, sent items are save into the Downloads folder, while on the iOS devices, the sent item will displays in the associate app. For instance uses photos will be stored in the Photos app and websites can be viewed in Safari.

Use AirDrop on Mac iPhone iPad iPods tutorial?

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