What is WeChat app Free messaging and calling app 2018

WeChat app is the best and most popular Free messaging and calling app in China in now days. You man haven’t heard about WeChat but in china its much popular and mostly used for online services specially free video calling, messaging, image sharing, video sharing, bills payment, send money any many features included in WeChat app.

 WeChat Free messaging and calling app 2018

Featuers of Wechat app:

WeChat provides almost every feature for its users for free, wechat users can do anything like, user can play games on wechat, user can pay money to anyone by using wechat, a user of wechat also make video & audio calls, read latest news on wechat, order food, book appointment, and many more. Wechat is basically design for China’s users as replica of Facebook.

The WeChat have more than 600 million monthly active users according to a research. A multinational company named” Tencent” launched WeChat 7 years ago as channel to message people all over the world by using internet connection. Now Wechat can do more than a sending messages. Millions users of wechat app use it to send mobile payments, pay bills,  play games, video calls, group links chat share their locations, and many more which describe as above

The best feature which I like in wechat is find random friends at same time I like it because this feature allow us to add new friends using wechat. If WeChat user physically shakes his phone at the same time, it can be randomly matches with any other in the app and you can add him.

How shake feature of wechat works:  If user enable wechat shake feature and they shake their phones at the same time and message, users who shook his phone at the same time will find a request and you can add him. This is pretty creative ways to meet random new people on WeChat.  Check official website of wechat. Canada


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