What are Keywords? How keywords work in SEO?

What are Keywords? How keywords work in SEO?

Definition of what are keywords is Keywords are words and phrases that people are used to search content on internet in search engines as search quires.

We can say that keywords are topics, niches, ideas which define the content is about. According to SEP term words & phrases that user search in search engines is call “keywords” and these keywords & phrases does matter to bring your content on the top of the page in search engines for user search queries including images, video, content and infographics etc.

So what are keyword?

I am giving you example for batter explanation of what are keywords.

what are keyword in SEO

First of all if you are a blogger you choose a niche on your site right what is your niche technology, sports, health, money, blogging etc like I select blogging. So what is keyword is blogging? Simply keywords is question or search queries like what is blogging, how can we start blogging, how to do blogging, these are the keywords and people are searching for these type of keywords is call long tail keywords.

As a blogger & original content creator, you really need relevant keywords on your site what users are searching on search engines so if you have much relevant content on your site there is higher chance of they will find your content in search engine and your website will receive traffic you want.

Why Keywords is much important?

Keywords are much important in ON-PAGE SEO which is the main part of Search engine optimization because keywords are the signals between google and the users when user search on google or search engine to find information Google’s spider will fetch only data from keywords and will show only that website which contains relevant keyword on the top of the page.

Your goal must be ranking on the search engines to drive organic traffic for your website form (SERPs) engine result pages and keyword or posts you have on your website will only receive traffic relevant to your topic, for example if you search what is keyword? Search engines will only show you data relevant to what is keyword topic. so This is how keyword works in google. Here is the guide what is keywords types how many keywords types and how to find right keyword for website. Keep visiting our facebook page for more updates if you have any problem or have any question you can answer in comments or our facebook page freelancingskill.


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