What is Adsense? How to make MONEY with Google Adsense at home free

What is Adsense and How to use Google Adsense: What is Adsense? Google AdSense is online advertising company own by the Google. Adsense program is designe for the online website publishers and original creators who make quality and unique content for their readers and also who want to make money online with their websites, videos, or photography images, advertisements on web-pages.

Google adsense allow you to earn money when a reader or visitor visit a blog or website or watch video, ads will appear when user visit and google adsense also give you earning even when user view or click on ads by the google adsense which is showing in your website or video.

What is Adsense? & why online publisher use Google Adsense?

Google Adsense program is a cost per click (CPC) advertising program by the google which allow their publishers and creators to use Google ads on their websites and blogs and YouTube channels and when the user visit it ads will appear and google adsense give you a small amount of viewing ads and also a good amount when user click on ads.

Currently thousands of YouTube creators and millions of websites and bloggers are earning from google adsense.

Now the question is how much you can earn from Google adsense? Here is the answer first of all just imagine if you have a website or a YouTube channel and you are getting daily 1000 users on it which is really a poor traffic on website but with daily 1000 visitors on website or video views you can get 200$ USD plus earning per month & think if you get daily 5k to 10k traffic how much you earn I think it will be 1000$ plus earning per month.

What is Google Adsense? & How Google Adsense Works?

The Google adsense is online publisher which is own by google I describe it before. Google Adsense is the easiest way for original creators and also for bloggers who want to make their career in online internet marketing or in SEM or SEO field with their website or blog.


If you have a blog or a website or YouTube channel and you want to make money online with google adsense. Just simply click sign-up here or go to adsense website and signup in Google Adsense. Enter your website url also e-mail address and click on signup, while signup fill all your information like your full name, address, country contact number etc and click on signup.

When you click on signup button of adsense, Google adsense will give you a unique HTML code which you need to put into your website. After installing adsense ad code in website you need to confirm it from your adsense account.

Adsense spider will check your website and crawl your whole website to check is your website complies with google adsense policy and check all of your webpages are about. If your website is follow the adsense policy your adsense account will be approve & you will start making money with google ads, and if your website is rejected because of copyright or adult content you will not become a partner of adsense program due to copy of content from some other publisher.

When your account approve finally you need to create an ad unit from your adsense account and paste into your website and within few minutes ads will be display into your website. When user visit your website and click on ads you will start making money with adsense which is depend upon views, impressions, and clicks.

What is Adsense Program offer to publishers? Google currently working with number of different Google AdSense programs which is depend upon the type of content you have like webpage or RSS feed or a YouTube channel. Some of the more common adsense programs include:

  • The AdSense for Content: Display ads on website.
  • Mobile Device Google AdSense: Display ads on Mobile.
  • Custom AdSense for Search: Display ads in the search results.
  • AdSense for Domains: Display ads on unused or expired domains.

The AdSense programs is also available for publishers and developers on Android and IOS devices which is known as Google Admob. Publishers use AdSense’s product Admob to make money online using iPhone applications or android applications, videos and Web browser games.

Monetization programs by Google Adsesne for publishers:

  • Admob for Mobile Apps: Monetize IOS and Android apps.
  • Hosted AdSense for Video: Monetize video content with Hosted adsense.
  • Only AdSense for games: Monetize online browser base game.

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