What will change with the 5G review

The  5G transmission and reception technology  has already reached our cities, and will soon be the new paradigm. The  first test at user level  in Spain, in the heart of Madrid and with an  LG V50 ThinQ 5G , resulted in  700 Mbps download with peaks of 900 Mbps . The future has reached us and is here, expressed in ones and zeros at full speed.

Although we know that the 5G will allow new uses of technology that seem to us out of science fiction (autonomous mobility, tele-operations, holographic calls …), we go ashore to experiment with real terminals and already available as the  LG V50 ThinQ 5G , first smartphone oriented to new networks and 5G download speeds.

What will change with the 5G?

To put it in perspective, the last  report of Open Signal  showed for 3G a speed that was around 6 Mbps. In 4G technology the average is about 25 Mbps according to the operator. If the first tests with the 5G result in 700 Mbps on average, it is clear that  the paradigm has changed .

In the same period of time we can download  a 2,700% more data . It’s not a small percentage, and it translates into being able to download a full movie in a few seconds. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky and YouTube, among others have allowed for the downloading of videos for some time when we do not have a connection.

In addition, the sound of the  LG V50 ThinQ 5G , with Meridian quality, incorporates the surround sound DTS: X (only for LG) and the possibility of using any surface as an emitter. The Boombox speaker transmits the resonance to this surface, making it vibrate and turning a table into a giant speaker. See your series anywhere without losing a bit of detail is increasingly easy.

Not so many years ago downloading a document or a photograph required a few seconds patients in front of the computer. Today it goes down in less than five, and that will be what it takes to be available a movie on our mobile phone. In addition, we can  upload photographs in fractions of a second .

Today we can take a picture with the  LG V50 ThinQ 5G  thanks to its pentagram -for example, the photograph of a landscape using the super wide-angle and the triple rear camera-, and to upload it to our server, Flickr or Instagram without let’s repair it because of the speed. Not inconsiderable 50 Mbps in the first tests.

Latency, less than 5 ms

If the measured speed in Mbps is important with the technological relay,  the latency is not far behind . The 3G and 4G have latencies of 60 ms and 45 ms respectively, and the 5G promises latencies of 2 to 3 ms. To understand us, latency is the time it takes for information to go and return from our mobile to the server. But, how much is 3 ms?

A professional sprinter  takes 0.1 seconds  (100 ms) to start the race after the pistol shot, and we talk about an elite athlete who trains to reduce that amount of time. We will not even be able to detect the  lag  of multiplayer games like Clash of Clans that, thanks to the  second screen  of the  LG V50 ThinQ 5G , can be played with extra controls.

If the main screen consists of an OLED blade of 6.4 “QHD + and a ratio of 19.5: 9, the secondary features among its features with 6.2 inches, resolution of 18.7: 9 and FHD + GOLED, and allows us to turn the device into a  case  and transform it into an element of multitasking.

This double screen will allow us to write an email while we copy from a web, have several social networks open in parallel, turn a screen into a video game controller, or use its mirror mode to make incredible photographs, among other possibilities. One of the most interesting uses is to  use the second screen as an auxiliary light  to illuminate a selfie.

Live broadcast to social networks

One of the advantages of a high download and upload speed thanks to 5G, as well as a latency below 5 ms, is the possibility to  record high resolution videos  with which to fill social networks as direct on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok

The  LG V50 ThinQ 5G  incorporates HDR10 recording technology and allows  recording in 4K . In addition, its cinema mode allows us to select 16 presets before recording, as well as modify parameters such as balance, saturation, contrast, etc., in the process of recording.

This terminal incorporates a specific functionality called  YouTube Live button  that allows one-touch broadcast in the social network. Interesting for journalists,  influencers or  youtubers  who seek immediacy and have a 5G network. And they are going to transform the world in a few years.

Hyper connection and calls like being face to face

High speed, low latency, triple cameras of 15 MP and a screen with QHD + resolution? It is clear that phones such as the  LG V50 ThinQ 5G  will be the devices that will bring, in the hand of the 5G connection,  video calls  that did not end popularized years ago.

Until now the barrier of the connection was a problem to make video calls. Even with high-end terminals, the signal arrived slowly, often in fits and starts, and programs such as Hangouts, Skype or Teams required a fiber optic line. But this now will no longer be an impediment.

The 5G speeds will allow us to make video calls both from home with a 5G router and in mobility thanks to the mobile phone antennas that are already being installed in our cities. This new network will require many more telephony points because, as the signal and transmission capacity improves, the range of the antennas is also reduced.

An internet with more things than people

One of the main advantages of 5G, in addition to those mentioned, is that it will  allow the connection of tens or hundreds of devices per person . They will make of the domótica, of the safe control of the traffic or of the management of a city a real possibility. Welcome to an internet with more things than people.

At a domestic level, we have more and more connected objects. The houses begin to incorporate connected robotic vacuum cleaners, microwave capable of programming recipes, air machines that adapt to our schedules, televisions that know our tastes, refrigerators with self-diagnosis or washing machines that we can control remotely. And they are just some examples.

With mobile devices such as the  LG V50 ThinQ 5G  we will be able to  control everything from a single terminal  that incorporates a direct link with the LG Smart-ThinQ application and the Google Assistant, the most used in the world

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