Xiaomi BlackShark for gaming Review

Xiaomi black shark helo the new xiaomi gaming beast to review: With the echo still resonating from the first model put on the market by BlackShark .

The Xiaomi gaming brand has not hesitated to launch a new device to the market to continue the path traced. The world of mobile gaming is fashionable and the technical growth of smartphones is making it possible to convert reputable phones into authentic portable consoles that perform with ease.

BlackShark has become a benchmark in mobile gaming and its new Black Shark Helo is presented with the experience of what has been learned in the backpack. A smartphone of great specifications, new RAM and power without equal.


Despite the fact that the first model of the brand, managed to stand at the top of AnTuTu ranking, Xiaomi has wanted to further improve the specifications of a phone that can with any existing game. Up to 10 GB of RAM are available in the Black Shark Helo, a technical boast that we only see in another device on the market, the Mi MIX 3 .

Regarding specifications, the new Xiaomi gaming phone is still faithful to the components released in the first model, which already had the best in the market. Processor Snapdragon 845 , Adreno 630 and a double liquid cooling system, to achieve a top performance range.

helo liquid refrigeration


It is striking to find the Black Shark Helo just a few months after the launch of the first model of the brand. So much so, that the first device was not yet for sale in many countries. For a few days you can buy it on its official European website.

The haste of Xiaomi to renew its gaming terminal is driven by the changes in the sector we are suffering and that placed the first device in an awkward position facing the buyers.

The main change that we find in this device comes from the hand of your screen, Achilles heel of the first product. Now in BlackShark forget the LCD to give special relevance to a key element in the world of games, the panel. The Black Shark Helo is launched with a 6.01-inch AMOLED screen and specifications especially oriented to the game. Something that was totally necessary.


When a device focuses on a segment as specific as gaming, its features have to be fully adapted to allow a satisfactory user experience. The Black Shark Helo comes with a powerful 4,000 mAh battery and fast charging under the QuickCharge 3.0 protocol.

The morphology of the phone and its aesthetic details have also varied. We still have a convenient phone at hand, especially intended for use in a horizontal position. Between its curves, different luminescent stripes decorate the smartphone with varied colors. Everything configurable to the pleasure of the player.

Another detail that is renewed in the BlackShark Helo is found in the liquid cooling system, which doubles allowing a greater heat dissipation. Something very necessary if we are going to enjoy long hours of play.


One of the differential elements that already appeared in the first unit presented by BlackShark is the JoyPad. This element consists of a dual command that is coupled to the phone and that allows multiplying the gameplay without having to make use of the screen.

blackshark helo 1

In this second device the JoyPad of Xiaomi has also been redesigned, making use of the gaming experience in these months after the launch of the first unit. New buttons, new surfaces that replace the directional buttons by tactile panels and a renewed ergonomics that will not leave indifferent.

All a beast of the game that has not yet an official presentation date in the rest of the world and that in China starts from € 400.

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